About Us

Originally from South Africa and have now been living in Australia for 18 years. Australia is the lucky country except its hard to get decent biltong for a reasonable price. And I love it, I live on the stuff when visiting SA. Much to my Aussie wife's disgust, my 2 young boys also love it too!


I've been making my own biltong & drywors for a while years now, but it's become far easier since discovering a Biltong maker. About 6 years ago I started importing biltong makers as I wanted all lovers of biltong to share in my experience on how easy it can be to make your own biltong and most recently we have started exporting to the UK. Our warehouse is in Bristol.


We pride ourselves on providing the cheapest prices and the best customer service. If you find a cheaper price on a stocked item please contact us and we'll try our best to provide you with a better price.


If you are looking for a particular product that doesn't appear on our site, please get in touch as we'd be happy to try and source it for you. Also, if you have any questions about how to use the products, recipes etc. please contact us at admin@biltongboks.com